About Us

Nartesa is a brand that celebrates the rich, artistic Colombian culture and depicts the essence of art, design, and creativity. Through delicate composition we are able to provide beautiful handmade products. Our mission is to increase sustainability and support local Colombian artists while providing unique and versatile products to our patrons.

Meet the Artisans

Located in the La Guajira desert in Colombia resides a group of aboriginal Colombians known as the Wayuu tribe (pronounced “Wah-You”). As of 2001, the Wayuu tribe had approximately 294,000 individuals inhabiting the tribal lands. One of the most important cultural aspects of the Wayuu tribe includes the art of weaving and crocheting. The women and daughters of the Wayuu tribe use a unique weaving technique to create bags known as “Mochila Wayuu.” This technique involves placing a single cotton thread into a manual loom. This means that each bag takes a significant amount of time to complete often 20 to 30 days depending on design and complexity. Each design incorporated into a Wayuu bag is unique to the weaver, meaning that each bag has its own story told through design, color, size, pattern, and shape(s). This means that each crocheted bag is meticulously and uniquely made. These bags have become a significant part of the Wayuu economy as they are dependent on sales for economic and financial support. This further allows the Wayuu peoples to preserve their culture and traditions while also expressing their unique artistic designs.